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Michael Kennedy - Dip. NAFD, CFSMA, MBIE





In 1986, I started out on this very long journey to become a funeral director in the hope that I could make a difference to the profession. I set out to serve the many bereaved families of Greater Manchester with a professional understanding and a caring attitude, and I succeeded. I have been working not only in Manchester but all across the UK and Ireland.

I know from my own past experiences the pain and hurt we suffer when we lose someone close to us, and that making funeral arrangements is one of the most stressful things a person has to deal with. With over 30 years of experience, and with having gone through that process myself, I can help you. Members of my family and many qualified staff are also here working alongside me. They have all been trained to my high standards and will also help you cope with this very sad and emotional time. We have a first class relationship with the local authorities, clergy, cemeteries, crematoriums and general practitioners. This helps us to provide you and your departed loved one with the best care and professional service expected at this time of loss. You don’t have to be alone when people like my family and I can help you.

I have personally experienced the grieving process and the difficulties that come when making decisions for the funeral arrangement. With my professional experience, I can guide you through this very sad time and help you say goodbye to your loved ones just the way you want, without any further stress. My personal knowledge and reputation is my bond between myself and your family. I have always ensured the bereaved families I have served over the last 30 years have been cared for with dignity, respect, confidentiality and professionalism.

"Let my family help your family"

You are not alone in your loss. My family and I will be here every step of the way, ensuring your requests are treated with discretion, care and professionalism. We will inform you of everything you have requested in writing and a full breakdown of the funeral charges will be given within hours of the arrangements. Preparation of the funeral will be undertaken on receipt of all the necessary documentation. We will make contact with all the relevant authorities, cemeteries, crematoriums, doctors, clergy, and if needed, florists and caterers.

The cost of a dignified funeral is not as bad as you may think. My funeral charges have been tailored to help the finances of those relatives who have been left to arrange the funeral with limited funding, and start as low as £1400.00 plus disbursements. An embalming service and 7 seater limousines are available on request. We also offer a large collection of quality coffins and caskets to select from. We can come out to see you in the comfort of your own home or you can come in to see us at our funeral home whenever you feel ready. 

"We are an independent, family owned business and are not connected with any other funeral directors in the Greater Manchester area."    

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